Working Together to Stop Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy lease agreement

This week, November 12th – 18th, is Fraud Awareness Week, and we wanted to share some insight and information on an issue that impacts families that need affordable housing – tenancy fraud.

Tenancy fraud can take place in a variety of ways, such as subletting without permission, providing false information during the application process, or not using the property as the main residence.

We believe that every home should go to those that need it, and unfortunately, when tenancy fraud happens, it prevents those waiting for genuinely needed homes from accessing it quicker.

According to the Tenancy Fraud Forum, over 148,000 social homes may be unlawfully occupied.

It’s important to be aware of the legal consequences of tenancy fraud. These are in place to discourage fraudulent activities and maintain a housing system that is fair for everyone.

For tenants facing difficulties, we are committed to helping individuals who may be struggling with housing issues, ensuring that they are aware of the support available.

We also understand that reporting suspicions can be a difficult thing to do. That is why you can speak to us in confidence on 01372 379555 or by contacting the Tenancy Fraud Forum at: