Void Standard

Approved by Exec: 12th August 2021
Approved by the Board: N/A
Implemented on: 12th August 2021
Review Date:August 2024
Service Area:Property

MGHA Lettable Standard

The purpose of this document is to set the standard for Mount Green Housing Association (MGHA) general, independent living and key worker accommodation prior to re-letting and should coincide with the MGHA Voids Procedure.

Void properties are defined by three completion timescale categories within the repairs process. The timescales defined below are the number of days from when the contractor is notified by MGHA that the property is available to commence work to the time when the MGHA R&M Surveyor signs off the works as completed.

V1 – 3 Days
Security checks, lock changes; debris clearance; deep clean; meter readings; services tests (asbestos, gas, water, electrical),

V2 – 10 Days
As per V1 plus standard works

V3 – 30 Days
As per V2 plus Capital works: Kitchens, bathrooms, rewires, heating systems, extensive building works

Days are defined as working days.

1.0 Void costing

V1’s and V2’s will be costed as per the defined NHF SOR (version as detailed within the term contract).

V3’s will be costed as per the defined NHF SOR (version as detailed within the term contract) plus defined basket rates for kitchen and bathrooms.

2.0 Legislative Compliance

All works are to comply fully with all current Building Regulations; British Standards; Codes of Practice; Decent Homes Standard; BSI Kitemark Schemes; Manufacturer’s requirements; Health and Safety Legislation; Asbestos Regulations; Fire Safety; Gas Regulations; Electrical Regulations; Water Regulations and Byelaws; and any other Statutory Instruments, legislation or regulations as affecting the works.

3.0 Void specification

General references

  1. If asbestos is identified or suspected within the property, shed or garage, report to MGHA.
  2. If fireplaces, gas fires, back boilers, solid fuel systems, cast iron or tiled fire surrounds are within a void property, report to MGHA.
  3. Any infestation of vermin should be reported to MGHA.
  4. If the outgoing resident has undertaken minor works such as built-in cupboards subject to condition these will remain in the property and will become the subsequent resident’s responsibility to maintain.
  5. If the outgoing resident has installed their own kitchen and/or bathroom, providing the condition is good then these will remain in the property.
  6. Internal decoration should be checked in every room and recorded as either acceptable or unacceptable on the termination form. If the internal decoration is clean and sound, then no decorating work should be undertaken except where specified on the Void standards relating to tenure types.
  7. If graffiti or strong colours (e.g. black, dark purple except feature wall) are present this should be removed or white washed over.
  8. Where applicable all internal decorations shall be white woodwork, white matt emulsion ceilings and walls.
  9. Where wall/ceiling surfaces are in poor condition preventing the direct application of emulsion, or are finished with Artex, Polytex or textured coating report to MGHA
  10. Remove all polystyrene ceiling tiles and make good ceilings as necessary.
  11. Any damaged wall or ceiling plaster must be reported to MGHA
  12. All dangerous and dilapidated structures should be demolished; garden buildings, which are sound, should be retained. Timber sheds and conservatories are the resident’s responsibility, if they are in good condition and are to be retained at the property the resident should be informed at sign up that MGHA is not responsible for future maintenance.
  13. Damage or defects to boundary walls should be reported to MGHA. Fencing to be repaired/ replaced as existing dependent on condition and subject to
    ownership of boundary.
  14. Any structural cracking should be referred to MGHA for further investigation.

The items set out in the table below relate to the requirements for each void type. The items shaded in bold reflect where a check is required and defects or required works are to be reported to MGHA prior to works being commenced. Reporting of such defects or works should be undertaken in a timely manner so as not to create delays to the void repairs turnaround.

All items that are resident responsibility must be recorded as rechargeable and included as a charge to the outgoing tenant. See Recharge Policy.

ItemVoid specification task descriptionV1V2V3
1Install a keysafe adjacent to the property entrance door and remove when the property is relet.XXX
2Ensure that all external doors are sound and the door furniture is in working orderXXX
3Front & Rear door locks/cylinders and locks to post boxes (where applicable) to be changed as soon after termination of tenancy as possible. (This does not apply to IL dwellings as the cylinders are suited and must not be changed)XXX
4If an external door requires replacement report to MGHA.XXX
5Ensure that two sets of keys are supplied to the new resident for the communal and property entrance (rear and front) doors and where applicable post boxesXXX
6Ensure all internal doors and frames are sound and door furniture is in working order. Report major defects to MGHAXXX
7Ensure that fire doors and closers are in working order and not damaged. Report major defects to MGHAXXX
8Where applicable ensure that all intumescent seals are fitted to a flat entrance door as per current British StandardsXXX
9Where applicable ensure that all ironmongery inc hinges, lock, closer and letterplate are in working order and not damaged. Report defects to MGHAXXX
10Ensure that all windows are operable and if above ground floor are fitted with restrictorsXXX
11Ensure that window catches and locking handles operate fully and provide keys to existing locking handles if availableXXX
12Ensure that a minimum of one window at 1st floor level or above can be opened to facilitate escape. Report defects to MGHA.XXX
13Complete an EICR and all defective fittings identified to be rectified. NICEIC certificate to be provided by the contractor on completion of works.XXX
14All gas installations should have a safety check undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer and a LGSR (CP12) provided by the contractor on completion of works.
All vacant properties with a gas installation are to be decommissioned, including capping off mains gas supply. Re-commissioning should be carried out once incoming resident has arranged supply.
15Where applicable fit a bayonet fitting to cooker point if required, provide cooker chain and cap supplyXX
16All smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors must be tested. Where existing detectors are out of date defective or non-existent this must be reported to MGHA.

The minimum specification for detectors at all voids must be;

1 x Heat Detector to Kitchen
1 x smoke detector to living room/lounge.
1 x Smoke detector to hallway & landing (where applicable).
1 x CO detector to vicinity of boiler/gas burning appliance i.e. Kitchen
17Where a wet system is installed check all thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostats and replace as necessary and ensure correct operation of all heating system.XXX
18Where storage heaters are installed check that appliances have both peak time and off peak supply and operate fully. Report to MGHA where dual supply to any storage heater is not present.XXX
19Contractor to ensure that detailed instructions are available for incoming residents on how to use the heatingXXX
20Inspect all communal TV reception sockets and report any defects to MGHAXXX
21Where applicable test all door entry controls and complete visual inspection, report any defects to MGHAXXX
22Internal decoration should be checked in every room and the condition recorded. In cases where condition is poor report to MGHA.XXX
23All rubbish and any non-standard fittings are to be removed from the dwelling, loft space, gardens, garages and outhousesXXX
24All contaminated waste, needles, soiled matter should be removed and disposed of in accordance with the appropriate regulations.XXX
25All grease, lime scale, dust, grime and other marks should be removed from all surfaces.XXX
26Clean the interior of all kitchen units and drawers.XXX
27Clean all windows internallyXXX
28Where applicable vacuum and clean retained carpets.XXX
29Vinyl flooring within Kitchen and Bathroom areas to be free from defect and all vinyl or laminate floor coverings to be swept and washedXX
30All laminate flooring to be removed. Unless on the ground floor and in good conditionXXX
31Leave one disposable air freshener within property.XXX
32Where applicable deep clean of white goods ie fridge freezers, cookers, washing machinesXXX
33All sanitary fittings must be clean and in working order, with tiled splash backs to bath and basin being sound and sealed.XXX
34Remove existing and replace with new silicon bead between bath/shower tray and tilesXX
35Where applicable missing plugs and chains to the sink, bath or basin should be replacedXXX
36Remove minor adaptations such as grab rails, shower seats ( if installed in a wet room then they should retained and cleaned)XXX
37Renew toilet seatsXXX
38Ensure that sink WHB, and bath/shower taps and wastes are in proper working order. Replace shower heads and hoses where they cannot be descaled.XXX
39Mains water stop cock to be located and tested and details provided for the incoming resident of its locationXXX
40Check any external sub-floor ventilation is not blocked or that the DPC has been bridged and report to MGHA any that are identifiedXXX
41Ensure that banisters, handrails and staircases are sound, secure and meet with current legislation and report any defects to MGHAXXX
42The contractor is to take a reading at the first visit following termination of the gas, electrical and water meters and again on the day of handover. A note should also be made if these are card/key meters and if credit is available. Need to reference Energy Angels.XXX
43Replace all blown and defective glazing in accordance with building regulationsXX
44Inspect and replace/upgrade as necessary all insulation to pipe work and cylinders.XX
45Fit up to 5 low energy light bulbs (provided free with EPC certificate)XX
46All carpets should be removed unless MGHA V&AO has requested them to be leftXXX
47All gripper rods, thresholds, stair fixings to be removed and surfaces to be made goodXXX
48All kitchen wall units and worktops should be sound and hygienic and the tiled splash backs must be sound and sealed.XX
49Valves and uncapped waste connections for washing machines should be checked and remedial work undertakenXXX
50All timber floorboards to be secure and sound.XX
51Wall tiles that are damaged or missing to be replaced to match existing where possible, if no match is available remove all tiles and replace with white tiles.XX
52Where applicable loft insulation to be checked and if not of a 270mm thickness report to MGHAXX
53Replace missing or damaged skirting boards, architraves and window boards.XX
54If temperatures reach below -1 ºc (minus one) the central heating, cold and hot water installations must be drained down when the property is void for longer than 12 working days and refilled including a full test just prior to re-letting. For combination boilers, leave appliance on and adjust to the frost stat setting.X
55Fencing between neighbouring Mount Green properties will be repaired/replaced as required and as per existing.XX
56All roofs should be inspected, and any missing or damaged tiles or slates replacedXX
57Leaking, blocked or damaged rainwater goods should be cleared, repaired, or replaced.XX
58Defective Inspection Chamber covers must be replaced, and blocked gullies clearedXX
59Gardens that are overgrown including trees, bushes and hedges should be cleared including cutting grass areas and all debris removed.XX
60Footpaths that provide essential access to the property (front and rear) should be repaired if defective and represent a trip hazard.XX
61Install a new kitchen as per MGHA specificationX
62Install a new bathroom as per MGHA specificationX
63Install new windows as per MGHA specificationX
64Install new heating system as per MGHA specificationX
65Complete a rewire of the property as per MGHA specificationX

Void standards relating to tenure types

Tenure TypeCodeProperty to be decoratedFloor Covering
(excluding Kitchen and Bathroom)
White Goods
(washing machine, fridge-freezer)
Electric CookerPAT Test
White Goods
and Cooker
Independent LivingSHLNO
*on a tenants needs basis otherwise Dec’s Vouchers to be issued
*unless carpet left from previous tenant is in good condition , therefore this will be cleaned
General NeedsGNNO
*unless property decoration is essential otherwise decs vouchers will be issued
*Carpet-unless left from previous tenant is in good condition, therefore it will be cleaned. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis
General Needs- Supported LivingSUPLIVYES
*white emulsion and white gloss
*if carpet is in good condition, it will be retained and cleaned
*if washing machine and fridge freezer are retained, they should be cleaned
*if retained, it should be cleaned
General Needs- Temporary AccommodationGNTAYES
*white emulsion and white gloss
*if carpet is in good condition, it will be retained and cleaned
*if washing machine and fridge freezer are retained, they should be cleaned
*if retained, it should be cleaned
*unless property decoration is
*if carpet is in good condition, it will be retained
and cleaned

Decoration Voucher Scheme

Value to be determined by:

Unit sizeAmount
Studio or Bedsit£100
1 Bedroom£150
2 Bedroom£200
3 Bedroom£250
4 Bedroom£300