Survey of Tenants and Residents

To improve our services we want to understand your customer experience and satisfaction. We value your input to inform were we need to prioritise service improvements.

We have instructed Arena Partnership to conduct a resident wide satisfaction survey called STAR (Satisfaction of Tenants and Residents) Survey.  Arena Partnership will be contacting residents by email and telephone to carry out the survey.

The survey will enable us to

  • Measure customer satisfaction against our services
  • Benchmark your performance with others in the social housing sector
  • Assess trends over time (surveys completed in 2017 and 2014)

Please be advised that Arena Partnership have been instructed to carry out this survey on our behalf and that any email or phone call from them is genuine. If you are unsure at all please contact Customer Services by email or by phone 01372 379555 who will be able to confirm.

Measuring your satisfaction will help us to understand your customer experience and how well our services are performing.

The questionnaire will be easy to complete and will be confidential and information will only be collected for the purpose of the survey.

This is YOUR opportunity to have a real say in YOUR housing association.

Following the collection of the survey results, we will communicate these findings to you in a publication and on our website.  We can then direct our efforts and resources to improve future satisfaction levels and focus on your area of concerns.