Social Distancing: How You Can Help

Social Distance

We are encouraging all residents to follow Government guidlines on social distancing and keep at least two metres apart from anyone outside of your household. Whevever possible, stay at home, and only go out for absolute essentials such as your weekly grocery shop or for one type of exercise per day (run, walk or cycle). Reducing social interaction between people will help to significantly reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and will help to relieve pressure on services such as the NHS.

Where you have access to communal spaces, please be aware that these should not to be used for barbecues, sunbathing or meeting with people.

We will be working closely with the police around any allegations where our residents are not following the Government guidelines, and we will continue to actively deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Our teams are busier than normal supporting residents impacted by the coronavirus, so we appreciate your patience when dealing with these reports.

If you need to contact us, you can call our Customer Services Team on 01372 379555 or email us at