Sky Q Upgrade

Sky TV

We are aware that some residents have been experiencing television signal problems. We have been advised by our specialist contractors that this may be caused by residents upgrading to the new Sky Q package.

We do appreciate that Sky Q is potentially an attractive upgrade from the basic Sky HD system, but it does operate in a very different way and unfortunately is not compatible with all of our communal television and satellite systems. Some of our older systems have been replaced already and all of the new installations will work with Sky Q. However, we will only replace systems when they start to fail or become unreliable; this means that many of our systems will not be upgraded in the near future as they are working efficiently.

If you were planning to upgrade to Sky Q, please contact us first and we will let you know if the system at your property will allow you to make the change.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email or contact us on 01372 379 555 to discuss further.