Responsible dog ownership – The Dangerous Dog Act and the ban on XL Bully dogs

XL Bully ownership

The government has added XL Bully dogs to the list of dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act and this change is effective from 31 December 2023.

At Mount Green we acknowledge the importance of pets in people’s lives and want to support residents to be responsible pet owners, as well as alleviate any potential anxieties residents may have.

Do I need permission to keep a pet?

Yes, if you wish to keep a pet, please submit a written request to us and we will consider each request individually, considering the tenancy agreement or lease, where you live and your individual circumstances. We will aim to write to you within 10 working days to inform you of our decision.

You can read our full Pets Policy here.

What if I already have an XL Bully dog?

XL Bully dog owners need to submit a written request before 31 December 2023 confirming what date you obtained your dog and enclosing a ‘Certificate of Exemption’, obtained directly from the government website.

While we will not withdraw permission previously granted to house this breed of dog, we will review this on a case-by-case basis if a resident fails to be responsible and is found to not comply with the new legislation.

What is Mount Green’s policy on dangerous dogs?

Our pet policy states that we will not give permission for any animal that may be deemed to be dangerous to people or other animals. Residents who own a breed of dog as specified in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Dogs Amendment Act 1997 must adhere to the requirements of that legislation.

This means that moving forward we will not be able to accept any requests for residents looking to acquire an XL Bully dog after 31 December 2023.

What does the new legislation mean for XL Bully dogs?

From 31 December 2023 it will be illegal to sell, breed, abandon or even give XL Bully dogs away. It will also be illegal to have them in public without a lead and muzzle.

Owners must:

  • Have their dog microchipped and keep it in a secure place so it cannot escape.
  • Neuter the dog (If the dog is less than one year old on 31 January 2024, it must be neutered by 31 December 2024. If the dog is older than one year old on 31 January 2024, it must be neutered by 30 June 2024.
  • Obtain ‘Third party liability insurance’ and a ‘Certificate of Exemption’ and owners have until 31 January 2024 to do this.
  • Submit a copy of your Certificate of Exemption by 7 February 2024, which we will acknowledge receipt of in writing.

Where can I find out more information and advice on the XL Bully dog ban?

You can find it on the government website here.