Your Independent Living Services

Your Independent Living Team is responsible for providing our sheltered services. Each Independet Living Officer (ILO) is responsible for delivering these services at one or two schemes and your ILO is your main point of contact regarding your scheme, tenancy and support.  

Your Independent Living Officers will deliver a new mobile support service, visiting each scheme for varying lengths of time depending on the needs of the residents or the tasks to be completed.

The new service will enable residents to have up to two wellbeing checks per week, this may be a telephone/intercom call or visit.

The Independent Living Officers will offer help, advice and assistance to enable you to live an Independent life within your home and community.  Officers will enable you to access other support services e.g. budgeting support, befriending, occupational therapy or care services.

Our Independent Living Officers will be responsible for delivering the best possible service to you and your scheme.

What can I expect from Mount Green and the Independent Living team?

  • A customer service team providing housing management advice.
  • A small team of Independent Living Officers to act as key contact.
  • Assistance in sustaining all aspects of your tenancy.
  • Respond to and carry out checks the telecare community alarm system.
  • Carry out risk based tenancy and wellbeing reviews help identify areas that you need help and support in.
  • Regular welfare checks to ensure your safety and wellbeing.
  • Assist you to get support from other organisations and agencies.
  • Look after the general running of your scheme, including safety, security and reporting communal repairs.
  • To seek your views on the services we provide.
  • Respect your privacy, confidentiality and independence.

What is not the Independent Living Officers responsibility?

It is not the responsibility of the Independent Living Officer to:

  • Carry out any nursing or personal care services.
  • Counselling or befriending services.
  • Do your personal shopping or cleaning.
  • Provide any transportation.
  • Collect your pension or handle your personal money.
  • Collect your prescription for you or administer medications.
  • Help you make or witness your will.
  • Give contractors access to your property.

Can the Independent Living Officer access my flat?

The Independent Living team have access to a master key for accommodation at your scheme. This will only be used in extreme emergencies and if the Independent Living Officer needs to access a property to go to the aid of the resident. If required, this key may be used by the emergency services. For this reason, please do not add any additional locks or chains to your property.

What if my regular Independent Living Officer is absent?

The new support service gives us the flexibility to move staff from scheme to scheme to ensure adequate cover is in place. When the team is off-duty, attending meetings and training courses or away from the scheme, the telecare community alarm system is linked to the Mole Valley call centre who will deal with any emergencies that arise.

The new Support Charges explained

Historically the basic purpose of the housing related support grant was to subsidise the proportion of time the scheme managers spent giving ‘support’ to residents. This funding ceased on 31st March 2018. From this date all residents will be responsible to pay the cost of support charge independently.

We have reviewed the costs of our current service and will introducing a fairer charge. The cost of the support service going forward will be divided between all sheltered housing residents, As a result, the weekly/monthly cost will be lower than it is currently.

The new Support charge from 1st April 2018 will be £5.83 per week /£25.28 per month.

Whilst we have endeavoured to keep the support costs as low as possible, we recognise that some residents may find it difficult to pay the support charge. This support charge is not housing benefit eligible.

Our Independent Living team and Welfare Benefits Adviser will work with residents who are experiencing financial difficulty to  exhaust all possible avenues of alternative funding.

Mount Green will set up a means tested welfare fund for existing tenants as of 31st March 2018, and experiencing genuine hardship.


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