Frequently Asked Questions

Repairs and Maintenance

If you are looking for an update on your repair you can call our Repairs Contractors Axis on 0203 597 2034 or our gas Contractors Robert Heath on 0203 697 4494 between 8.30a.m. And 5 p.m. They do have an out of hours team but this is for emergency repairs only.

Replacement of bulbs are resident’s responsibility. This is something you will need to try and do yourself or ask a relative or friend to change. Please be careful when replacing the bulb. If you have replaced the bulb and it is still not working please call Axis. If you live in one of our independent living schemes please speak to your ILO if you require assistants.

If you’re a tenant, we maintain your heating system, so we’ll need to get our specialist contractor out to inspect and repair. You can call Robert Heath on 0203 697 4494

If you’re a lease holder, we don’t maintain your boiler unless it’s part of a communal heating system. You will need to get out your own contractor to have a look at this.

Please contact the contractors who carried out the works in the first instance either Axis or Robert Heath. They will contact ourselves if a surveyor from Mount needs to come an inspect the works carried and to arrange follow on works.

To report an emergency repair, contact Axis for a day to day repair or Robert Heath for gas emergencies.

Yes, you can decorate your home and you are responsible for decorations and keeping the inside of your home in good order. If you are altering or adding to the fixtures and fittings you may need to get written permission. You must leave the property in the condition that it was provided to you in.

Blocked sinks and toilets are the responsibility of the resident. If you find that the toilet is blocked due to the drains then please report this to Axis.