Deep Clean Schedule

Use the search function to find out which week a deep clean is due. Please note, this is sometimes subject to change due to factors out of our control such as illness. If you believe a deep clean at your estate or scheme is not being carried out as it should be, you can contact us here.

EstateWeek Commencing
Admiral Way15/02/2021
Ashurst Close11/01/2021
Austen Court09/11/2020
Barnes Wallis Close24/11/2020
Barrsbrook Hall15/02/2021
Bartlett House18/01/2021
Brancaster Grove17/11/2020
Charlotte House01/03/2021
Champion Down19/11/2020
25-30 Cherry Tree Lane16/11/2020
Church Close18/01/2021
Cricketts Hill 13-1815/02/2021
Downside Orchard01/02/2021
Frenchlands Gate11/01/2021
Fulmer House15/02/2021
Graham House01/02/2021
Hazelmere Close25/01/2021
Hopfields Close15/02/2021
Bronte House24/11/2020
Gaskell House24/11/2020
Rossetti House24/11/2020
Greenaway House24/11/2020
Lind House26/11/2020
Nightingale House26/11/2020
Siddons House26/11/2020
Kingfisher House15/02/2021
Knights House22/02/2021
Langham Court15/02/2021
Marley Court09/11/2020
Mathias Close08/02/2021
Mathias House08/02/2021
Mill Close01/02/2021
Mount View11/01/2021
Orchard House15/02/2021
Fir Tree Walk01/03/2021
The Cedars22/02/2021
Beech Drive01/03/2021
Reris Grange Close15/02/2021
Rose House22/02/2021
St John's Close22/02/2021
Willow Court15/02/2021
Windmill Court15/02/2021
Woodstock Court01/02/2021