Paying Your Rent and Other Charges

Mount Green aims to make the payment of rent as easy as possible and offers a variety of methods of payment, taking into account your needs and preferences. We recognise that residents may occasionally experience periods of financial difficulties and struggle to pay their rent and we also recognise that these issues may be due to a wider financial problem. We will take a firm, fair and proactive approach to arrears management and offer support and advice for residents engaging with us to solve the problem.

When is my rent due?

If you have a monthly tenancy with us, your rent is due on the 1st of each month. If you have a weekly tenancy with us, your rent is due every Monday. Your rent is always due in advance.

What is the best way to pay my rent?

There are several ways you can pay your rent. The easiest way is by direct debit, which you can set up by calling us on 01372 379555 or download out Direct Debit mandate form by clicking here.

Another easy way to pay your rent is via our online Residents' Portal - click here to sign in or to register. You can see the 'Ways to Pay' tab below for other payment methods.

Difficulty Paying Your Rent

We understand how easily things can get out of hand at times. We aim to take a positive and proactive approach to dealing with rent arrears, to stop them escalating out of control. If you are having any difficulties paying your rent please contact your Neighbourhood Manager or Scheme Manager as soon as possible to discuss the problem. We will try to help you find a positive solution to the problem. There may be benefits you could claim or other things you could do to increase your income and we would be happy to talk these options through with you.  

Ignoring late payment will not help the situation. We will need you to pay any money you owe us, so it is far better to let us know of any problems and make an arrangement to pay any arrears.

Please talk to us and get help before your arrears escalate out of control. If you do not pay your rent, you risk losing your home.

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