Rent Increase

Every year, Mount Green sets the rent and service charges for the following financial year for each resident. There are a variety of tenancy types as well as fixed and variable service charges.

We will continue to look for ways to support residents who need support in managing their rent payments. Please refer to the frequently asked questions below to view further information and links to support available. If you are in receipt of universal credit, please take a look at the universal credit information sheet on what you need to do next.

Rent Increase - Tenants

Government policy stipulates that social landlords can increase rent in 2022 by the September 2021 Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 1%. This is a total increase of 4.1%. Mount Green is applying the full increase because cost increases in building materials have been significantly higher than CPI, and without this increase we will not be able to continue to maintain and repair our housing stock.

The Consumer Price Index measures changes in the price levels of a weighted average market basket of consumer goods and services purchased by households. The annual percentage change in a CPI is used as a measure of inflation.

We have set a budget based on what we expect it will cost to provide the services listed in the breakdown in 2022/23. The cleaning contract will be retendered this year, and we have provided for an increase in costs above inflation based on our experience in the market for other contracts. Other costs have to increase because the contract is linked to inflation, such as grounds maintenance or because we may be doing extra works at your scheme next year, such as tree maintenance, or because past experience shows that we are spending more on a service, such as bulk refuse collection, or communal repairs.

For tenants with a fixed service charge, Mount Green has limited increases to CPI plus 1% in previous years. This has meant that at some schemes the service charge is now significantly less than the cost of services. Where this has happened, and to ensure that services can continue to be delivered, the service charge has been increased but limited to a maximum of £2/week or £10/month depending on whether you have a weekly or monthly tenancy. A summary of the services at your scheme is available on request. Please email

For tenants with a variable service charge, the charge has not been capped, and if the actual costs are lower than the budget there will be a surplus to your account once the financial year has ended. Your service charge will include the surplus or deficit from 2020/21, and this is shown on the breakdown included with your letter.

Your Direct Debit payment will be amended by Mount Green, and you will receive a letter confirming the new payment.

Yes. It is your responsibility to amend your standing order payment with your bank. Remember to do this for your payment made after 31 March.

It is your responsibility to ensure your rent is paid, regardless of whether you are in receipt of any benefits. You must notify Universal Credit of your new charges to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of housing benefit.

To report the annual rent change for your UC claim, complete the “Confirm your housing costs”, on the date of change of rent. You can find more information about updating your UC claim here or visit

It is your responsibility to ensure your rent is paid regardless of whether you are in receipt of any benefits. You must notify the Local Authority of your new charges to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of Housing Benefit.

You must contact Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and advise them of your new charges. You must then ensure you pay the correct shortfall between the rent charged and benefits received.

There are several methods available:

  • You can log on to to make a debit card payment at any time.
  • Contact us on 01372 379555 to set up a regular monthly payment by Direct Debit.
  • You can make a payment by bank transfer to Barclays Bank using account number 30650307 and sort code 20-30-06. Please quote your tenancy number on any payment. If you do not quote your tenancy number on your payment this will delay the payment reaching your rent account.

Visit to see if you may be able to apply for help with your housing costs through Universal Credit. Local Councils have funding to support individuals who are facing difficulties with their housing or fuel costs. Each local authority is managing the fund differently, and to find out what you need to do to claim, please look at your Council’s website or call them.