Frequently Asked Questions​

Pay My Rent

If you feel you need additional support and advice with managing your tenancy or dealing with your arrears, please contact us [link to contact us] as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you.

We take arrears very seriously and we will make every effort to come to an affordable and realistic agreement with you to pay any outstanding arrears. Don’t panic – we appreciate things can be difficult at times, so please do contact us [link to contact us] as there may also be other benefits, support or advice you are eligible for.

The answer is some of them. Please see the following:
• We will not usually accept residents in arrears on to the transfer list. If you fall into arrears whilst on the list, you will usually be suspended from the transfer list.
• We will not normally carry out tenancy changes such as mutual exchanges and creating joint or sole tenancies until any arrears are cleared
• You may have your garage license agreement ended or suspended.
• Any compensation payments or rent adjustments will be offset against your arrears and in line with our Rent Collection Policy
• Planned improvements to your home, such as new kitchens and bathrooms, may be postponed.

We use the same formula used by all registered providers for setting our rents. This is normally determined by the Government or our Regulator, the HCA.

You will need to change your payments to the new amount. Please contact us.

If you have had a change in Housing Benefit then you should contact us straight away and we will let you know what you need to pay. Remember, you must always notify Housing Benefit if your circumstances change.