Housing Support

When a change of circumstance happens within a home, this often leaves people feeling confused as to what help is available or what they should do next. This is where Mount Green’s benefit service comes into its own, as we can help you liaise with your council regarding any change of circumstance or missing rent payments.

There are several ways we can help you if you are feeling stuck in a rut, including:

Clearing rent arrears
In extreme circumstances, we may be able to ask your local council for help towards ongoing rent payments if a rent shortfall is identified. This process includes completing a Discretionary Housing Payment application form, which we can help you to fill in.

Council Tax
We can support residents with Council Tax enquiries and apply for Council Tax Discretionary Housing Payments to clear any arrears. For this, you will need to provide three months bank statements to your local council for any discretionary payments to be considered. These are not always guarantied as each council looks at each individual case on its own merit and the circumstance surrounding the application. However Mount Green’s Welfare and Benefits service is available to help residents apply if they require assistance.

Budgeting Advice
We offer household budgeting advice and can contact your utility providers to make sure payment plans are correct and affordable if you are on a low income. In addition, we can also help residents to find cheaper alternatives.

We work with external agencies if you are struggling with debt. We can signpost to non-profit organisations to help you work toward becoming debt free. Two options include https://capuk.org/ or https://steptochanges.com/. It is important you know we understand debt has an impact on housing and maintaining a settled way of life. When our residents feel secure, we know that is when you feel able to take charge of your life. If you have outstanding debts please don’t suffer in silence as there’s support available and we aim to help you achieve a debt-free lifestyle.

We can work with GPs to make sure you are are supported within your home. If extra support is required to maintain your home, we can contact Social Service and place a referral for ongoing support. If you face challenges with your mental health, we can make sure the correct services are aware of this in order to try to support you and your GP with supporting a CMHRS referral.

Domestic Abuse
We support families who’ve been affected by domestic abuse and signpost to the correct organisation for continued support for the whole family. Click here for more information. [link to Domestic Abuse hot topic within neighbourhoods]

Charity Applications
Many of you may have few savings, so when things go wrong unexpectedly it can have a huge financial impact on the whole household. Mount Green’s Welfare and Benefit Officers are fully trained in charity applications and will seek the best charity for your needs depending on situation https://www.turn2us.org.uk/ .

We may be able to help with replacing a broken white goods such as a washing machine or fridge through a charity application. Please note some charity application may take up to three months to process due to the charity’s criteria but we will help you to follow up your application and request.