Neighbourhood Service

Your Neighbourhood Officer manages your tenancy or lease and works with you to support a sustainable community. Neighbourhood Officers manage a patch of 350-450 homes in an area across the 14 Local Authorities we work in.

We place residents at the heart of everything we do. We are visible and approachable in your neighbourhood. Working with other teams within Mount Green, they deliver the best possible service to you and your neighbours.

Our Responsibilities

Our Neighbourhood Officers deal with all tenancy and lease management and reviews, Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), tenancy fraud, process mutual exchanges, offer advice on housing options, community improvements and also accompany the Estate Services Officer on Estate inspections

We aim to be:

  • Accessible and offer first time resolution- when you contact us by telephone, our customer services team will initially see if they can help and if not, will put you through to your neighbourhood officer. Should your NO not be available, we will offer for you to speak to our officer on duty. Should we not be able to resolve this we will be realistic as to when we will come back to you with an update or resolution
  • Responsive- we will adapt our service to suit your individual needs in a way that you like to communicate, whether on the phone, by email or in person.
  • Proactive- we will be honest in our approach and explain what we can and cannot do. Our aim is to work with you to ensure you sustain your tenancy/lease with us and should we not be able to meet your needs or expectations, we will work with or signpost to the relevant agency or partner who can.

Who manages my home

Use the search box below to find who your Neighbourhood Officer is by typing in the name of your road or estate.

LocationNeighbourhood Officer
Admiral WayJessica Cinik
Alice Rushton PlaceJessica Cinik
Ash CloseGinny Beckett
Ashurst CloseArun Dasan
Austen CourtArun Dasan
Bader Court, CrawleyGinny Beckett
Barnes Wallis CloseGinny Beckett
Barrsbrook HallArun Dasan
Beech DriveGinny Beckett
BeecholmeGinny Beckett
Bennetts WoodArun Dasan
Bentsbrook RoadArun Dasan
Brancaster GroveArun Dasan
Bridge RoadGinny Beckett
Brookers CloseArun Dasan
Brookhurst RoadJessica Cinik
Broome CloseArun Dasan
Caffyn PlaceArun Dasan
Champion DownGinny Beckett
ChandonArun Dasan
Chapel CottagesJessica Cinik
Charlotte HouseGinny Beckett
Charrington WayArun Dasan
Chart DownsArun Dasan
Chase roadGinny Beckett
Cherry Tree LaneJessica Cinik
Claydon HouseJessica Cinik
Coombelands LaneJessica Cinik
Cricket Greeen CloseJessica Cinik
Cricketers CloseArun Dasan
Cricketts HillJessica Cinik
Dalmeny WayGinny Beckett
Dunfee WayJessica Cinik
Elmer CottagesArun Dasan
Elveden CourtArun Dasan
Eton HouseGinny Beckett
Falkland RoadArun Dasan
Fassett RoadGinny Beckett
Fetcham GroveArun Dasan
Fir Tree WalkGinny Beckett
Fordwater RoadJessica Cinik
Forman Road AshJessica Cinik
Free Prae RoadJessica Cinik
Frenchlands GateGinny Beckett
Fulmar HouseGinny Beckett
Galsworthy RoadJessica Cinik
Gaveston RoadArun Dasan
Gibraltar CrescentGinny Beckett
Gibson Place, CrawleyGinny Beckett
Glenroyd, Devon CrescentGinny Beckett
Graham HouseArun Dasan
GraylandsJessica Cinik
Great OaksArun Dasan
Green LaneJessica Cinik
Greensand PlaceJessica Cinik
GreyleesJessica Cinik
Grove RoadGinny Beckett
Hawthorn CloseJessica Cinik
Hawthorn WayJessica Cinik
Haydon CourtArun Dasan
Hazelmere CloseArun Dasan
Heriot RoadJessica Cinik
Hopfields CloseJessica Cinik
Howard CloseArun Dasan
Hunters PlaceJessica Cinik
Juniper CloseGinny Beckett
Killick RoadGinny Beckett
King Charles RoadGinny Beckett
Kingfisher HouseGinny Beckett
Kingston CourtArun Dasan
Kingston Road LeatherheadArun Dasan
Knapps CottageJessica Cinik
Knights WayGinny Beckett
Lambert RoadGinny Beckett
Langham CourtJessica Cinik
Leith GroveArun Dasan
Limeway TerraceArun Dasan
Links CloseArun Dasan
Lodge CloseArun Dasan
London RoadJessica Cinik
London RoadGinny Beckett
Longbourne WayJessica Cinik
Lusteds CloseArun Dasan
Manor FarmJessica Cinik
Marley RiseArun Dasan
Mathias CloseGinny Beckett
Meadow CloseArun Dasan
Mill CloseJessica Cinik
Millfields CrescentArun Dasan
MistleyGinny Beckett
Mole Valley PlaceArun Dasan
Monkswell LaneGinny Beckett
Mount ViewArun Dasan
Norwood CloseGinny Beckett
Oldmeadow, CrawleyGinny Beckett
Orchard RoadJessica Cinik
Orchard WayJessica Cinik
Ottways LaneArun Dasan
Parkers LaneArun Dasan
PathfieldsJessica Cinik
Poplar AvenueArun Dasan
Poplar RoadArun Dasan
Powells CloseArun Dasan
Prairie RoadJessica Cinik
Primrose HouseGinny Beckett
Puddenhole CottagesArun Dasan
Randalls CrescentJessica Cinik
Reris Grange CloseGinny Beckett
Ridgway RoadJessica Cinik
RiversweyJessica Cinik
Rose House, Victoria RoadJessica Cinik
Royal Swan QuarterArun Dasan
Rushett DriveArun Dasan
Ryebrook RoadArun Dasan
SanctuaryJessica Cinik
Shackleford GreenJessica Cinik
Sole Farm AvenueArun Dasan
South TerraceGinny Beckett
Springfield RoadArun Dasan
St George's HouseArun Dasan
St James RoadGinny Beckett
St John's CloseArun Dasan
Stephen CloseJessica Cinik
Stubbs HillArun Dasan
Sunmead RoadJessica Cinik
Teazlewood ParkArun Dasan
The AcresGinny Beckett
The CedarsGinny Beckett
The GardinersArun Dasan
The GroveGinny Beckett
The HildersArun Dasan
The Parade, EpsomGinny Beckett
Tilney CloseArun Dasan
Townfield CourtArun Dasan
Trasher MeadArun Dasan
Tweed LaneArun Dasan
Tynedale RoadArun Dasan
Victoria AvenueGinny Beckett
Vyne Walk, GuildfordJessica Cinik
WadbrookJessica Cinik
WaitlandsJessica Cinik
Warrenne RoadArun Dasan
WaterfieldsArun Dasan
Watson RoadArun Dasan
Webber StreetGinny Beckett
Wellers CourtJessica Cinik
WestPoint, EpsomGinny Beckett
Willow CloseArun Dasan
Willow CornerArun Dasan
Willow Court, EpsomGinny Beckett
Willow Court, GuildfordJessica Cinik
Windmill CourtArun Dasan
Windmill ShottJessica Cinik
Withey BrookGinny Beckett
Woodstock CourtGinny Beckett