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My Neighbourhood

You will need to prove that your partner has lived with you, with permission from Mount Green, for at least a year. Any requests for changes will go through an approval process. A new Joint Tenancy will not be granted if there are any outstanding rent arrears or any other tenancy breaches. Please talk to your Neighbourhood or Independent Living Officer as a first step.

First of all, please try talking to your neighbour to resolve the issue and if appropriate contact the Police if a crime has been committed. If you are you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or Independent Living Officers who will explore other remedies to prevent an escalation occurring.

We currently have 4 schemes where controlled parking is in place which is monitored by UK Car Parking Management Ltd. In these areas, residents need to ensure that they clearly display a valid residents parking permit within their vehicle. Where there is visitors parking, the same applies.

  • Reigate- covering Highwood, Beech Drive, The Cedars and Fir Tree Walk
  • Woodstock Court, Epsom
  • Lambert Avenue, Epsom
  • Graylands, Woking
  Areas covered First come first serve Allocated Parking Residents Parking Permits Issued Visitors Parking Parking Control Times Issuing of permits V5 document required
Reigate Beech Drive,Fir Tree Walk, Highwood and The Cedars. Parking Control is not included in Charlotte House. Yes No 1 per household 1 visitors Monday – Friday UKCPM No
  Highwood YesNo1 per household 2 visitors   UKCPM No
Woodstock Court Woodstock Court Car Parks 1 and 2 YesNo1 per household 1 visitors   UKCPM No
Graylands The whole estate Yes No   1 per property unless requested for more once we go live Monday – Sunday UKCPM Yes
Lambert Road 26, 28, 30 Lambert Road NoNo1 per household 1 visitors 24/7 UKCPM No

Please contact Customer Services on 01372 379555 if you have any further questions about this

Please contact UK CPM directly on 0345 463 5050 as they directly manage our controlled parking schemes.

Mount Green no longer offer an internal transfer service however we do offer advice and support around the housing options available to you.

You can consider applying for a transfer by lodging a housing application via your local authority. You may need to supply relevant information including medical evidence. You can also register for a mutual exchange for free via Homeswapper by clicking here.

You can log an expression of dissatisfaction or complaint with Mount Green via customer services of