Apply for an Independent Living Home

Eligibility for Independent Living

We accept direct applications for our Independent Living homes. Fifty percent of our homes are filled by the borough council and 50% from our waiting list. You can also join us by swapping with another social housing tenant, or transferring from our general needs homes.

Our aim is to create Independent Living schemes that offer a safe, harmonious and balanced community for older people, taking into consideration age, gender and support needs. Allocations will be undertaken in line with Mount Green’s allocation policy but there are some additional requirements for independent living housing:

All applicants will complete an assessment for housing related support with all applicants before a formal offer of accommodation can be made.

Applications will be considered from people who:

  • Are aged 55
  • Can live independently or have a suitable care package in place
  • Have mental capacity to sign a tenancy agreement
  • Agree to the provision of an Independent Living Service, including the monthly charge for this service.

Applicants with high support needs may be offered a tenancy if they have a suitable care package and the agreement of their care provider. Mount Green must be satisfied that the applicant can independently manage.

Independent Living will not normally be considered for people who:

  • Require 24hr nursing care or supervision
  • Have severe dementia
  • Have family members below 55 who wish to be housed with them
  • Existing Home Owners

Applications for Independent Living may be considered from people who own a home that is no longer suitable as long as the applicant can prove they are actively selling their property.

Applicants with savings or assets of more than £250,000 will not be eligible.

If you would like to apply for Independent Living housing, please complete the application form and send to You can visit your local authority and join their housing register, or look on Homeswapper to see if any of our residents are interested in a swap.