Moving Options

Mutual exchange

If you want or need to move home you can consider a home swap via mutual exchange. A mutual exchange is where you can exchange homes with another Mount Green resident or a resident of yours or another local authority, or other housing association. This provides a great opportunity for you to move to a home of your choice without having to wait for us to offer you a transfer. Not all residents have the right to exchange so please contact us to check if you are eligible before looking for another property.

What must I do?

It is your responsibility to find a partner to exchange homes with. Once you have found an exchange partner, please fill in our application form.

How can I find a swap?

Mount Green is a member of Homeswapper, the national home swap service. This means we pay a fee so you don’t have to. Homeswapper is for social residents in rented properties who want to swap homes. If you live in a council house or housing association property you are eligible to swap. However, you cannot move without both our consent and the consent of the other landlord.

You can register your home online and find properties via the Homeswapper website.


If you have been given a starter tenancy and are finding you require a different housing need (due to issues such as overcrowding), you could apply for a transfer in addition to looking for a mutual exchange. You must contact your Local Authority to apply for this transfer.