Complaints and Feedback

Give Us Your Feeback

We are committed to providing an excellent service to all our customers and we welcome all feedback. If you are pleased with our services, please let us know. We will use the information to thank our staff or contractors.

We acknowledge that sometimes things go wrong and when they do our aim is to put things right as soon as possible. If you are dissatisfied with something we have done or not done, or with the level of service you received, we want to know so we can investigate what’s happened and try to put things right. This also gives us the chance to learn and improve our services.

What constitutes a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction any customer feels about an aspect of our service, policies, actions and decisions. A complaint could be when you feel:

  • We have failed to adequately respond to your initial request
  • We have been unhelpful or rude
  • We have failed to meet our stated standards or promises
  • We have given unclear, misleading or unsuitable advice
  • We have not complied with our policies or procedures

What isn’t a complaint?

A complaint is not a first attempt to request a service or an enquiry. We will not be able to deal with the following via the complaints process:

  • Any matter which is already being (or has been) dealt with by a solicitor
  • Matters that are being/have been dealt with by our insurers
  • Complaints that have already been through the process or which, in Mount Green’s opinion, are being pursued in an unreasonable manner
  • Complaints that fall outside our jurisdiction (e.g. complaints about utilities)

The process

We have a two stage complaint process.

Stage 1
If your complaint cannot be resolved informally, we will escalate it to a Stage 1 formal complaint. The service manager will investigate the issue and respond to you within 10 working days with clear actions and timescales to rectify the issue.

Stage 2
If you are not satisfied with our response at Stage 1, you have 10 days to tell us you wish to escalate this to a stage 2 panel review. A panel of board members and an executive director will review how your complaint was handled and whether it was in line with our policies, fair and reasonable.

If you are not happy with the panel review outcome, you can take your complaint to the housing ombudsmen.

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint in the following ways: 


using our online contact form


by calling our Customer Services Team on 01372 379555


by emailing

In Writing

to our head office address