Resident Matters: Your New Magazine Has Landed

Read your new issue of Resident Matters now

Last year we sent out a survey to all residents asking for your opinion on our residents magazine, With You. We had an amazing response so huge thanks to everyone who responded; we have absolutely loved hearing your feedback.

  1. You liked and valued the publication, but you didn’t always read all 16 pages of it
  2. You felt like money could be put to better use in other areas such as repairs
  3. Independent Living residents asked for their magazine to be delivered by their ILO rather than posted

Thank you for this very useful feedback. We have taken your feedback and turned it into a number of actions.

We’ve done:

  1. We have produced a shorter, four page critical-news-only magazine with other news pieces being published on our website
  2. We will send this new magazine digitally to you unless you have requested a posted copy, to save on ink, paper, postage and packaging
  3. Independent Living residents will receive printed copies but these will be hand delivered by your Independent Living Officer, saving on postage and packaging

This will allow us to:

  1. Save money and put this into other valuable resources
  2. Be more environmentally friendly
  3. Still reach all our residents, whether you are digitally active or not. Remember, if you still require a posted copy of the magazine, please email

We then asked you to help us name the new magazine and put a poll up on our Facebook community group, open to all Mount Green residents. And so, our new name Resident Matters / Residents Matter was born. Thank you to all who voted!

If you have any other feedback, please email or telephone 01372 379555,