Breathing Space Fund alleviates rising energy bill costs

Our Breathing Space Fund is continuing to help residents facing financial issues. Here’s Laura’s story. 

When a contractor visited Laura’s home to carry out a repair to her heating system, they quickly realised that due to her electricity bills being too high for her to afford, she’d resorted to switching the heating off to manage her high monthly energy costs.  

Laura was also having issues with her energy supplier, who wanted her to set up a monthly Direct Debit, whereas Laura wanted to have a pre-payment meter installed.  

All of this meant that Laura’s electricity account was in arrears. This was where our Welfare Benefit Officer stepped in.  

Knowing that a Universal Credit (UC) application was not going to provide the immediate support needed to get ahead of the electricity bill, they put in an application to our Breathing Space Fund for £300.  

Short-term assistance

The Breathing Space Fund was set up by Mount Green to support residents who are struggling in the current cost-of-living crisis.  

Laura’s application was successful and was quickly processed in order to clear her arrears, as well as covering her energy bills in the short-term while a Universal Credit application was processed.  

Whilst working with Laura to get her electricity bills under control, our Welfare Benefit Officer also realised that Laura, after buying essential purchases like food, was left with very little spare and was struggling to buy uniform for her son who was starting school.  

They were able to put Laura in touch with a local charity who provided new uniform, as well as some key items of furniture she was struggling to buy, and new carpets for her home.  

A brighter future

Laura says she is happier now and that “life is more tolerable” and she is continuing to budget well.  

We still meet with Laura occasionally to make sure things are on track as life and circumstances change, although the help she needs is becoming less as she develops her established network of support and the skills to cope with her finances.  

Are you concerned about your finances? Learn more about our Breathing Space Fund here: