Estate Services

What you can expect from us

Here you can find out all about our Estate Services and what standards you can expect to see around your home.

What are Estate Services?

Estate Services look after the cleaning and grounds maintenance of all internal and external communal areas owned and managed by Mount Green. Inside, this includes all communal areas, amenities and shared rooms in your neighbourhood or scheme such as corridors, hallways, communal rooms, laundry rooms, communal toilets, kitchens and communal furniture.

Outside we will look after all external communal land owned by Mount Green such as communal grass areas, beds, borders, hedges, parking areas, roads and paths. Where these external areas are not owned by Mount Green, we will liaise with the owners, for example local authorities and management companies, if necessary.

Estate Services are paid for by your service charge and delivered by our contractors. Just to let you know, on some schemes, services may be provided by an independent management company and therefore may not fall within our control.

We’re committed to delivering excellent Estate Services and working together with residents to provide neighbourhoods that we are all proud of. Our aim is to ensure that the estate or scheme where you live is kept clean, tidy and always maintained and to deliver services that meet your needs and provide value for money.

We are responsible for delivering good quality services to all residents, but the delivery of good Estate Services relies on Mount Green, residents and partners such as contractors, management companies and local authorities working together.

Residents’ responsibilities
We ask that residents respect their neighbourhood, estate or scheme and do their bit to keep the community a clean, safe and happy place to live.

Residents are specifically responsible for:

  • Promptly reporting any issues or hotspots that need attention
  • Keeping all communal areas clean, tidy and free from personal items
  • Cleaning up after any pets
  • Disposing of rubbish correctly and considerately; using the correct refuse and recycling facilities
  • Disposing of large unwanted items and furniture by using local recycling sites or local authority collections
  • Parking responsibly and using the correct parking permit or car parking allocation if there are specific arrangements
  • Following our No Smoking Policy in all internal communal areas and disposing of cigarette butts appropriately

Mount Green’s responsibilities
As your landlord, our responsibilities include:

  • Delivering the standards outlined below
  • Involving residents in decisions that affect local services
  • Working with residents to monitor our standards and contractors’ performance

Here you can see the basic standards to expect following the delivery of our Estate Services and how we will go about meeting these standards.

Between contractor visits, we urge residents to be reasonable regarding the impact of everyday living and weather on the look and feel of the estate.

However, if any hotspots are identified, these will be dealt with accordingly.

Our Standard:
Communal areas should be visibly clean with the absence of offensive odours

We will:

  • Clean all communal areas and rooms in line with the locally agreed schedule
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum floors and stairs (depending on the floor covering)
  • Clean handles to communal doors, banisters, railings and handrails, with anti-bacterial solution
  • Dust or wipe all windowsills, skirting boards and stair railings
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Sweep communal entrance door mats and mat wells
  • Clear any marks on glass communal doors, windows and entry doors
  • Clean all communal windows (regularity is dependent on contracts at individual estates and schemes)
  • Dust or wipe light coverings
  • Clean inside lifts

Our Standard:

  • All communal grass areas to be tidy and not too long
  • All communal beds, borders, hedges and shrubs to be tidy, weed free, well planted and not obstruct footpaths
  • No diseased, dangerous or dying trees
  • No low and/or dangerous overhanging tree branches

We will:

  • Cut grass as required, ensuring all areas are included
  • Trim grass around all obstacles
  • Edge borders
  • Sweep or blow any clippings from pathways
  • Trim or cut back all hedges and shrubs as needed and remove clippings
  • Maintain edges of all beds and borders
  • Remove dying or vandalised plants
  • Regularly inspect trees and implement a tree maintenance programme
  • Cut back low and/or dangerous overhanging branches
  • Weed hardstanding areas and flowerbeds

Our Standard:

  • All communal areas will be kept clean. Leaves, weeds and moss will be maintained
  • All external communal areas to be free from dangerous items, litter, graffiti, dog mess and fly-tipping
  • Road gutters and grates to be clear
  • Bin areas to be tidy and clear of rubbish

We will:

  • Remove any litter
  • Remove dangerous items, animal faeces, graffiti and fly tipping in a timely manner and investigate who is responsible. If a resident is responsible, we will seek to recharge the resident or take action through tenancy management. If not, we will liaise with the council
  • Clear leaves as quickly as is practical
  • Clear weeds and moss regularly
  • Clear blocked road guttering and grates
  • Clean and sweep bin areas regularly
  • Notify the council of any damaged or missing bins

Our Standard:

  • Communal areas to be well lit
  • Estate to be free from abandoned vehicles
  • All internal and external communal areas to be free from personal items
  • Branded signage to be present where appropriate
  • All communal fences and railings to be in good repair

We will:

  • Rectify any malfunctioning lighting in a timely manner to reflect safety and security risks
  • Investigate who is responsible for abandoned vehicles or personal items in communal areas. If a resident is responsible, then we will look to recharge them or take action through tenancy management. If not, we will liaise with the council
  • Repair any fencing or railings in line with our Repairs and Maintenance Policy
  • Erect and maintain Mount Green signage where possible

Whilst these are our general service standards, different estates or schemes will require more or less frequent visits to achieve this standard of service. We will consult residents on the services needed to reach these standards.

If there are any significant changes to the schedule, we will notify residents as soon as possible. All residents who ask to be kept informed will receive a text setting out revised arrangements.

If any residents wish to enhance their estate services at a local level, a review or enhancement of services can be requested at any time. We will consult with all residents in the local area and provide costs for alternative services. However, we require at least a 60% response from the local community for any changes to be agreed and we will only act on the views of the majority as any changes are likely to affect the service charges of all local residents. Changes that affect service charges will be implemented annually in line with the service charge reviews.

We will not agree to a service being withdrawn or reduced if it means any area will not meet our core standard. Similarly, if residents wish to take on responsibility for any aspect of the service, this must be done to our standard and we reserve the right to end this arrangement at any time.

We urge residents to be reasonable about any issues that might arise in the neighbourhood or scheme because of everyday living or weather (for example, muddy footprints following a rainy period). But if there are ‘hotspots’ that need to be acted on in between your usual estate service visits, we’d like you to let us know so that we can keep your neighbourhood or scheme safe and well-maintained.

The Mount Green team are also responsible for reporting hotspots when working in your neighbourhoods and schemes and our neighbourhood team will rectify the following issues as soon as possible, in addition to the normal cycle of Estate Services you receive:

  • Reports of dangerous or unhygienic items
  • Significant litter or overflow of bins
  • Offensive graffiti
  • Major spillage which if left, will cause additional treatment to remove
  • Moss, leaves or overflowing guttering or grates which are hazardous to any user
  • Flood risks
  • Hazards caused by weather events
  • Malfunction causing residents to report feeling unsafe, for example broken lights
  • Lack of timely response to clusters of concerns, or issues from estate inspections, complaints not responded to, poor or irregular communication.

If you are aware of any hotspots in your local community, please call us on 01372 379 555 to report the issue.

To make sure we meet our standards in each neighbourhood, estate and scheme, we will carry out regular Estate Inspections and Service Checks.

We can monitor our estates and services much more effectively and consistently with the help of residents. All residents will be invited to estate inspections, and we will seek one or two residents as Neighbourhood Representatives from each area to help monitor the service. Our monitoring will take account of the quality of service delivered and the impact of everyday living and weather.

On our larger schemes, residents are welcome to join the regular Estate Inspections, which allow residents and the Mount Green team to work together and share what works and what doesn’t across Estate Services. The dates will be placed on noticeboards and posted here and on our social media channels. A representative from our contractors may also attend some inspections. Estate Inspections will also identify issues which need to be raised with a third party (e.g. local authorities).
Neighbourhood officers will complete inspections every three months, to ensure estates are safe and well maintained and will sometimes have Mount Green’s Estate Services Officer with them.

Occasionally, the Estate Services Officer may also conduct inspections independently, and whilst completing these, will also ensure any concerns raised have been completed to satisfaction.
During the inspections, the standard of the estate will be assessed by staff and residents using the Estate Inspection Monitoring Tool which scores key aspects of our Estate Services using a 4-1 scale below. A photo guide to these gradings will be produced.

Following each inspection, all issues raised will be logged, with the name and contact details of the team member responsible and a plan and timescale for resolving the issue (within 15 working days). We will confirm completion of the work with the residents who attended the inspection. If the issue is one that is outside our control this will be made clear, and we will offer all practical support possible to help resolve the issue.

Read Estate Services Standards

We will publish the results of estate inspections annually in the Residents Annual Report.

If you are interested in becoming a local Neighbourhood Representative, please get in touch with us by calling 01372 379 555, emailing, or visiting our website at

Still have a question? You might find the answer here.

Grass cutting season is usually considered to be from the first week of March to the second week of November. From late November to March the grass will only be cut if necessary and is dependent on weather conditions.

Grass is expected to be maintained to a good standard, and growth kept to a minimum between visits. This will be checked during regular estate inspections.

The cleaning of bin lids and ensuring all the litter is collected from the floors should be completed on every visit. If the bin store is external, the grounds maintenance teams should be ensuring all leaves are cleared. The bin stores have an annual deep clean.

We can ask the grounds maintenance teams to leave a patch. However, we cannot allow all of the estate to be missed off in May, as this will not allow us to meet our standards and other residents’ expectations.

This can be possible, but is dependent on the location, i.e., a small bed under your window may be accepted. You can discuss this with your Neighbourhood Officer. If it is found that the area adopted is not being looked after, we will write to inform you of our plans to instruct our external maintenance team to tidy it.

Please get in touch on our contact page if you still have any questions about Estate Services: