Your Estate Services

We are committed to delivering excellent Estate Services and working together with our residents to provide estates we are all proud of.

Our aim is to ensure that our estates, neighbourhoods and schemes are kept clean, tidy and well-maintained at all times and to deliver services which meet our residents' needs and provide value for money. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • Delivering our core standard for Estate Services
  • Involving residents in decisions that affect local services
  • Working with residents to monitor our standards and contractors' performance

Whilst we are responsible for delivering good quality services to all of our residents, good management of Estate Services relies on the shared responsibilities of Mount Green, our residents and our partners such as contractors, management companies and local authorities. We believe in a partnership approach to delivery. 


Estate Inspections 2019/20

Providing a safe and secure place to live and one that you can feel proud of is a priority for us. We carry out quarterly estate inspections at your block to ensure we capture any issues regarding communal gardening, grounds maintenance, cleaning, repairs, health & safety and improvements. 

These inspections will be carried out by your Neighbourhood / Independent Living Officer and our Estate and Facilities Officer. Click on your block below to find out the dates and times of your inspections:

Admiral Way

Alice Ruston Place

Ashurst Close

Austen Court

Barnes Wallis Close

Barrsbrook Hall

Bartlett House


Brancaster Grove

Champion Down


Charlotte House

Chase Road

Church Close

Claydon House

Coombelands Lane

Dalmeny Way

Downside Orchard

Elmer Cottages

Fassett Road

Fetcham Grove Cottages

Frenchlands Gate

Gibraltar Crescent


Graham House



3 Grove Road


Hawthorn Close

Hazelmere Close


Howard Close

Hunters Place

105 King Charles Road

Langham Court

6 Links Close

186 London Road

Manor Farm

Marley Rise

Mathias Close 

Mathias House

Meadow Close

Mill Close

Mole Valley Place

Mount View

Norwood Close

Number 4 Bridge Road

Orchard House

28 The Parade

5A Parkers Lane

Pathfields & Cricketts Hill

Powells Close

Puddenhole Cottages


Reris Grange Close

Rose House


Shackleford Green & Cricket Green Close

South Terrace

St Georges House

19 St James Road

St John's Close

The Gardiners

The Grove

6 The Hilders

Tilney Close

28 Victoria Avenue

Vyne Walk


Wellers Court

Willow Close

Willow Court (Epsom)

Willow Court (Guildford)

Windmill Court

Windmill Shott

Withey Brook

Woodstock Court


Shared responsibilities


We ask that our residents respect their neighbourhood, estate or scheme and carry our their responsibilities to keep the community clean, safe and a happy place to live.

Private Gardens

  • If you have a private garden, you are responsible for maintaining it; keeping it free from rubbish and pests.
  • You must not plant trees within your own garden or communal areas. If there are any existing trees in your garden, you are also responsible for maintaining these. 
  • Please contact us before erecting any structure or fence as you need our permission. 


  • Please report any issues or hotspots which need attention promptly to Mount Green. Hotspots may include dangerous or unhygienic items, singificant litter, offensive graffiti, major spillages, health and safety hazards etc. (Please see our Estate Service Standards for more information).

Communal Areas

  • Please keep all communal areas, both internal and external, clean, tidy and free from all personal items. If using the communal areas, please clear away your belongings after use and store them within your own property. We reserve the right to request that any personal items in communal areas be disposed of or removed. 
  • You must abide by current No Smoking legislation in all internal communal areas - this includes stairwells, lobbies, lifts and hallways. Please also be considerate of others when smoking in external communal areas and dispose of cigarette butts appropriately. 


  • You must dispose of rubbish correctly and considerately, using the correct refuse facilities and recycling responsibly. 
  • You are responsible for disposing of large unwanted items and furniture, these must not be left in any commnal areas. Please contact the Local Authority or visit your local recycling sites. 


  • You must park responsibly and use the correct parking permit for car parking allocation (where there are specific arrangements).
  • Abandoned or untaxed vhicles are not allowed on our land and must be removed. We also do not allow vehicles with a SORN notice (Statutory Off Road Notification) to be parked on our land. 
  • Commercial vehicles (weighing 3.5 tonnes or more) must not be parked on our land.

Pest control

  • You are responsible for removing any pests from your home or garden. Please contact your Local Authority to find out what services they can offer.

Mount Green

Our responsibilities as your landlord include delivering the core standard as outlined in our new Estate Standards Leaflet. This can be found within our Residents' Handbook. In 2015 we undertook a review of our Estate Services which resulted in new standards for our service and delivery. This is due to be implemented in 2017 following the procurement of new contractors. Examples of our core standard you can expect to receive from these new services are below:

Internal Cleaning 

  • Communal areas should be visibly clean with the absence of offensive odours.

Grounds Maintenance 

  • We will ensure that grass areas are tidy and cut regularly to ensure the grass is not too long.
  • All communal beds, borders and hedges will be trimmed and tidied as needed to ensure they are weed free and not obstructing footpaths.
  • We will also make sure there are no diseased, dangereous or dying trees that may be low hanging or a risk to others.

External Cleaning

  • All communal areas including gutters and bins will be free from leaves, weed, moss, litter and any dangerous items.

Other Services

  • All communal areas will be well lit
  • Communal areas will be free from personal items or abandoned vehicles 
  • The estate's fences and railings will be in good condition.
  • Where possible, we will provide appropriate branded signage. 

For a full breakdown of Mount Green's responsibilities, please see our Estate Services Leaflet on the Resident's Handbook page.