Privacy Notice for Tenants/Buyers of New Social Housing Tenancies/Sales

COntinuous REcording of Social Housing Lettings and Sales (CORE)

      Information for tenants of new social housing lettings or sales

How are we using your information?

If your household has entered a new social housing tenancy, social housing providers will share your personal information with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) forresearch and statistical purposes.

How is this information provided?

The information is provided via CORE (COntinuous REcording), a website funded and managed by MHCLG. It collects information on the tenants/buyers, tenancy/sale and dwelling itself. Some of this information is personal and sensitive so MHCLG is responsible for ensuring that all data is processed in line with Data Protection legislation. 

Why are we sharing this information?

Information collected via CORE is shared with other Government Departments and Agencies. Data is shared with the Greater London Authority and the Homes and Communities Agency. CORE data providers can also access data for their organisations via the CORE system. Data is only shared for research and statistical purposes. 

How does this affect you?

It will not affect your benefits, services or treatments that you get. The information shared is anonymous and handled with care in accordance with the law. We are collecting and sharing your information to help us understand better the social housing market and inform social housing policy.