Noise Nuisance

Working with residents to solve noise nuisance

One of our residents was experiencing noise nuisance from the flat below. This was mainly related to the TV being on a loud volume. The resident wanted some quiet at certain times so they were able to relax and unwind but the noise was affecting their ability to do this. The resident had mentioned it to the neighbour below but was unable to bring about any change to the neighbour’s TV noise.

The resident contacted their Mount Green neighbourhood officer and the anti-social behaviour (ASB) was discussed. The neighbourhood officer completed a risk assessment with the resident around the ASB, showing a low risk but it did highlight specific effects that the ASB was having on the resident. This helped our neighbourhood officer determine what actions could be taken and these were proposed to the resident. Between the neighbourhood officer and the resident, a final action plan was agreed to bring about a resolution.

The first action point was writing to the neighbour in the flat below about the issue and arranging a meeting with them. The neighbour contacted the neighbourhood officer after receiving the letter and a discussion was had around the issue as well as to explain the tenancy breach. Following that, the neighbourhood officer arranged a visit to the neighbour as a follow up. When entering the neighbour’s flat, the neighbourhood officer saw the set-up of the flat and the position of the TV. Between the neighbourhood officer and the neighbour, alternative positions for the TV were looked at to lower the noise impact on the resident’s flat above. A final position was agreed upon at which point the neighbourhood officer asked the neighbour to demonstrate his normal TV viewing volume, which was loud. After some adjusting, the neighbour and neighbourhood officer identified a volume number where the neighbour could clearly hear, which was lower that it was to reduce the noise impact above.

As a follow up, the neighbourhood officer spoke to the resident and they reported they had seen a dramatic improvement. They were now happy that they weren’t experiencing the noise nuisance any more. The resident thanked the neighbourhood officer and both agreed the case could be closed. The neighbourhood officer confirmed this in writing and no further noise nuisance has been reported since.