Why has my service charge increased?

We have set a budget based on what we expect it will cost to provide the services listed in the breakdown in 2022/23. The cleaning contract will be retendered this year, and we have provided for an increase in costs above inflation based on our experience in the market for other contracts. Other costs have to increase because the contract is linked to inflation, such as grounds maintenance or because we may be doing extra works at your scheme next year, such as tree maintenance, or because past experience shows that we are spending more on a service, such as bulk refuse collection, or communal repairs.

For tenants with a fixed service charge, Mount Green has limited increases to CPI plus 1% in previous years. This has meant that at some schemes the service charge is now significantly less than the cost of services. Where this has happened, and to ensure that services can continue to be delivered, the service charge has been increased but limited to a maximum of £2/week or £10/month depending on whether you have a weekly or monthly tenancy. A summary of the services at your scheme is available on request. Please email customerservices@mountgreen.org.uk

For tenants with a variable service charge, the charge has not been capped, and if the actual costs are lower than the budget there will be a surplus to your account once the financial year has ended. Your service charge will include the surplus or deficit from 2020/21, and this is shown on the breakdown included with your letter.