Repairs workshops - results and next stages zoom meeting

Repairs Workshops: Results and Next Stages

Throughout November, we held online repairs service workshops, which were organised to bring staff and residents together to rewrite the past of our repairs service by redesigning a fresh, new service. We know the repairs service hasn’t always been up to standard, and to ensure we meet the needs of our residents, we will be looking to work together over the coming months to create a service which meets – and exceeds – these needs.

All of you, our residents, were invited to share your feedback in a variety of ways; Invites were sent via post, text message, posters, social media and our website, and you all had a choice to either join one of the virtual workshops, which were held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout November at 10am and 6pm, or submit your feedback via our online web form or via our postal feedback form.

In total, 59 of you engaged with the process, via the following means:

We asked three main questions as part of the process. Below you will see those questions and the main themes that came out from your feedback:

A huge thanks to all who took the time to give us your feedback. We would like to share the rest of the plan/stages of the process with you and these are set out in the table below. Some of the stages will include key involvement with residents and we would encourage you to be involved in these stages. We will be forming a group consisting of residents who want to be involved with these subsequent stages to help in the appointment of a long term repairs contractor.

StageEstimated month
1. Develop and define procurement strategyFebruary and March 2021
2. Review documents and brief with resident groupApril 2021
3. Invite potential contractors to the tender process May 2021
4. Evaluate tenders in partnership with resident groupJuly 2021
5. Mount Green and resident group to meet prospective contractors and listen to contractor presentations around how they will deliver serviceAugust 2021
6. Mobilisation period commencesNovember 2021
7. New contractor commencesApril 2022

If you are interested in being part of the resident group which will play a vital part in the selection of the new repairs contractor, please email or fill in our online form here.

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