Could You Be Our Next Resident Board Member?

Are you interested in a unique opportunity to help direct and monitor the work of Mount Green?
We are currently recruiting a new resident Board member who will play a key role on the most senior governing body of Mount Green.

What is the Mount Green Board?
The Mount Green Board is our governing body and has overall responsibility for Mount Green. Our Board members bring different skills and experiences with them. The Board is responsible for setting our priorities and direction and making sure we achieve our overall objectives. It also ensures that we manage any risks and deliver great services, as well as many other important duties.

What does the Resident Board member do?
The role of the resident Board member is to make sure the voices of our residents contribute to how we shape Mount Green. We want to ensure that our residents’ views and opinions are represented right at the top; that’s why we have resident Board members. Resident Board members help us to identify where and how we can improve our services; they participate in Board meetings so that they can shape the work of Mount Green, provide challenge and different perspectives to management, as well as lots of other unique functions and events.

How much time will it take?
The role is part time. Board meetings are usually held in the evenings (although there are occasional day time meetings and events) about four times a year. This means the role can be combined with work and other commitments.   There is also the opportunity to use video call to take part in Board meetings.

Board members are expected to review and consider reports and other information before meetings, or to make decisions between meetings. Some Board members also sit on a committee which look at a particular aspect of the group’s work. Committees usually meet about four times a year. The role of Board members is paid along with any reasonable expenses.  We also provide ongoing training and a full introduction to the work of Mount Green.

Will I be paid for my time?
Yes, all our Board members receive an annual payment of £2,085.00 in recognition of the time taken to fulfill this important role. If you are in receipt of welfare benefits we can set out what this might mean for you. 

Are any other residents on the Board?
At the moment we have one resident board member, plus another Board member was a Mount Green resident for 30 years. She told us,

‘Board members are usually recruited for their expertise in law , finance, construction and development. Most have no experience of living in social housing. As a resident, you can bring a very different perspective to the board.   To be a good Board member, all you need to do is be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions, look at the bigger picture and be objective. Other Board members will be really supportive and you will learn and develop new skills – it’s a great opportunity.’

Who can apply?
Any resident can apply to become a resident Board member. It is important to us that the Board reflects the communities we work in so we welcome applications from all residents. No prior experience or specific qualifications are required, but Board members should have a keen interest in everything that Mount Green does, and a willingness to contribute to all aspects of decision making.   

If you would like more information then why not join our Resident Board Member Question and Answer session which will take place via Zoom video call on Wednesday 2nd September at 2pm. Please register your interest by emailing and we will send you the information.  Alternatively you can call Samantha Herelle on 01372 379555.

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