NEW: Residents’ Committee Launching!

You may have seen or read the Social Housing Charter which was published last year. This charter has been recently introduced by the Government to ensure landlords, including Mount Green, run social housing properly and provide a good service. The charter tells us that you, as a Mount Green resident, should:

• Be safe in your home
• Have information from your landlord about the services provided
• Have any complaints dealt with quickly and fairly
• Be able to speak up and have your voice heard
• Have a good quality home and neighbourhood to live in

Although we always strive to do well in these areas, we know we may not have done things perfectly in the past, and we are keen to work together to improve things going forwards. One of our strategies to ensure we are held accountable to all of the points above, and to help direct us on how we can achieve these well, is through setting up a brand new Residents’ Committee. This new committee will supersede the former Scrutiny Panel and Resident Involvement Group (RIG) and we would like you to be part of it.

The new Committee will consist of six residents and will provide the crucial link between Mount Green residents and the Board, reporting directly to the Board itself. It will play a vital role in the future of Mount Green’s performance and the shaping of services. This will involve attending four meetings per year, as well as spending time reviewing policies and procedures, and working together to compose a Residents’ Charter, which will outline what you expect to be done by Mount Green. In addition to helping improve services, you will benefit from loads of great benefits by becoming a committee member, including:

As a Resident Committee member, you will:
• Earn £1,000 per year
• Gain new skills for you and your CV
• Full training and support on the job
• Meet new people
• Enjoy flexible hours

We want to make sure as many Mount Green residents as possible are represented on the committee and so we’d like to invite you to apply; even if you have no prior experience, it doesn’t matter as you will receive full training and support on the job.

For more information on how to apply, please visit our current vacancy page. If you wish to read a copy of the social housing charter. please click on the button below.
The closing date for applications is Friday 28th May 2021. As this is a paid role, shortlisted applications will be invited to interview before the final Residents’ Committee is confirmed.