New Repairs Contractor Coming

We will say farewell to Axis in October, as we come to the end of our contract with them. An interim contract will then begin, and the announcement of this interim contractor will be made in August so keep your eyes peeled.

During this interim contract of 18 months, we will be taking the time to work with you, our residents, to redevelop and redesign our repairs service, with the end goal of appointing a long term contractor in parallel with a brand new, more effective and efficient repairs service.

As our residents, you will form the most critical part of this redesign and that’s why we’ll be setting up a series of workshop roadshows throughout the autumn, where you’ll have the chance to discuss and brainstorm a service you want to see and experience.

More details will be available soon and we will be sending correspondence out about these workshops in the near future. We are really excited about working closely together on this collaboration. Watch this space!