Neighbourhood rep shares benefits of the role

As a Mount Green neighbourhood rep, residents can gain new skills, build relationships with their neighbours and make positive changes.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. We spoke to Robert an existing neighbourhood rep about what he gets from the role and why he would recommend it to others.

Robert has been a Mount Green resident for seven years and believes being a neighbourhood rep simply means looking, listening and helping where necessary. Adding: “You don’t need any specialist skills to do it, but I’d say it’s ideal for someone who is people orientated. You need to be approachable and enjoy listening to different perspectives.

“I put myself forward as I enjoy talking to people and making sure they are supported and have everything they need. I think it’s important residents who maybe aren’t so confident or vocal have a sounding board for raising concerns or questions. I see myself as a conduit for that and an impartial voice between the other residents in my independent living scheme and Mount Green.

“Alongside being a neighbourhood rep, I also volunteer once a week providing customer care support, so I think there’s something in me that wants to help people who are experiencing difficulties or just need to see a friendly face.”

Having not always experienced such positive housing options in the past, Robert also appreciates the supportive relationship he’s forged with us while in the role.

“The Mount Green team are great to work with. They are really responsive and helpful with resolving any concerns I raise on behalf of other residents.

“It’s also a really nice way of getting to know people. We have a good community spirit where I live, and everyone is respectful to one another, helping each other out where needed. But the neighbourhood rep scheme has meant that I’ve got to know people better and welcome new people too.”

When a new resident moved in recently with no friends or family nearby, Robert stepped in to help.

“As a neighbourhood rep I had the confidence to establish a relationship with my new neighbour and make sure he felt part of the community.

“Overall, I’d say it’s a rewarding and enjoyable role which I would recommend to anyone who likes meeting and helping people.”

If you’re a Mount Green resident who wants to make a positive impact on your community, or if you have any questions about the role, please contact or speak to your Neighbourhood Officer.

You can learn more about the role and what it involves by reading our Neighbourhood Rep Information Pack.