Mill Close resident thrilled with new windows

Mill Close windows replaced

Having somewhere safe and comfortable to call home should be a universal right. In addition to providing homes, making sure they are well-maintained is a key priority. As well as carrying out any day-to-day repairs, we also have a plan of programmed work which can often involve making updates to homes.

We recently arranged for the windows and doors in homes at one of our schemes to be replaced and we were really pleased to hear that one particular resident was thrilled with how the process was handled.

Nicky Southwell, who has been a resident at Mount Green for 26 years, lives in a terrace house at Mill Close in Bagshot and spoke to us about how happy she was with the new fittings in her home and how impressed she was with the approach that had been taken.

“It’s made such a difference”

Nicky told us that the contractor installing the new fittings was not only brilliant, but she was pleased with how respectful they were of her home. In addition, Nicky was very happy with the speed of the job and thought that the overall process was managed really efficiently.

The windows and doors at all 12 homes were replaced within two weeks – the works on the houses began on the 10January and were completed by the 17 with the flats having their windows fitted the week before. While Nicky was the final resident to have her new fittings and as she watched her neighbours’ homes being upgraded, it made her excited to see how her home would be transformed with the replacements.

Nicky says: “I’m thrilled with my new windows and doors. I can’t hear as much outside noise as before and I can feel the difference with how much quicker the house heats up. I’ve not had to put my heating on at all since the 19 of January as the new windows and doors keep my house so much warmer. The new fittings also make my house look much nicer – it’s made such a difference.”