Join Our New Residents’ Committee

Join our new residents committee

The Grenfell Tower tragedy showed housing associations across the country that they must be more accountable to their residents for the homes and services they provide. At Mount Green we are committed to taking on this challenge.

We have listened to your feedback and reviewed your comments from the resident Facebook group, as well as from satisfaction surveys you have completed. We realise that we need to do more and that we cannot do this alone. We need YOU! We are excited to be setting up a brand new Residents’ Committee, which will monitor and work with Mount Green’s Board to provide effective challenge and steering on Mount Green’s performance. The committee will monitor the things that matter most to you – the safety of your homes, the quality of your homes, and the services you receive. This is a whole new way of doing things at Mount Green; all of our residents matter to us and we can make things better for everyone by working together.

Join us for a video call on Zoom on either of the dates below to find out more and how you can give residents a stronger voice at Mount Green. All residents are welcome. If you do not have access to Zoom or are unavailable at the session times, please contact us using the details below.

Tuesday 25th August – 10am
Wednesday 26th August – 2pm

Please let us know which Zoom session you would like to attend. RSVP by calling us on 01372 379555 or email