Introducing our Resident Engagement Strategy

We Hear You

Building on the foundations of our Residents Charter, we’re excited to launch our new Resident Engagement Strategy, which aims to create an approach that positively impacts every residents’ experience of Mount Green.

Co-created with residents the strategy sets out how we will work to ensure that yours and every Mount Green resident voice is valued, has influence and is used to plan and deliver our services.

This includes improving how we involve residents in shaping and improving our services, as well as providing residents with accessible, meaningful data to judge our performance and progress.

Sue Kings, a member of our Resident Committee Group (RCG), has been a Mount Green resident for two years. Having worked supporting older people for more than 20 years, Sue is passionate about giving back to her community and sharing the lessons she’s learned throughout her career – especially around delivering honest and clear communications.

On the strategy, Sue said: “Working with the RCG has enabled me to express and share ideas to improve Mount Green’s services. Especially around the language used in formal letters and acknowledging that not everyone has access to a computer.

“I have been really pleased by the readiness of the team at Mount Green to take mine and others feedback on board and to actually visit schemes and meet residents face to face. I think it’s important that all landlords, especially housing providers, do not become just a name on a letterhead. Every resident deserves to feel heard and to have their concerns addressed.”

On the new strategy, Sarah Crabb, Assistant Director of Housing Services at Mount Green, added: “We know we can always strive to do better and after spending the last year reviewing our approach, I’m excited to share our new Resident Engagement Strategy. 

“A key approach in the strategy is ‘Home to Landlord’, which recognises the need for giving residents more choice and the opportunity for people to get involved, individually or collectively, on different levels. 

“By enabling residents to engage with us in a way that suits them across various levels, we believe we’ll be able to reach more residents and also increase the diversity of resident voice.”

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