If you are unable to make a payment, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the problem and we will try and help you find a positive solution. We take arrears very seriously, even when it is just a small amount, and we will take swift action against those who refuse to engage with us or ignore our advice or support.

We will make every effort to come to an affordable and realistic agreement with you to pay any outstanding arrears. Any arrangements would normally include a lump sum plus a regular payment. Where an agreement cannot be reached or where you do not honour the agreement, prompt action will be taken to recoup any debt.

We appreciate that things can be difficult at times and by talking to us you may be able to avoid things getting out of control. There may be benefits you could claim, other things you could do to increase your income or advice and support agencies you can speak to and we would be happy to talk these options through with you. Ignoring the situation will only make it worse and puts your home at risk. We cannot help if you don’t talk to us!

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