Reporting problems with your heating

Turning down heating

It’s the time of year where a lot of us will be thinking about switching on and using our heating to stay warm.

If your heating system breaks down and need repairing, we want you to be able access help as quickly and easily as possible.

You don’t need to get in touch with Mount Green to get help with heating system repairs – you can contact our maintenance partners directly, who will be able to support you.

For you to know who to contact for your heating repairs, it’s important that you understand whether you’ve got gas or electric heating.

You’ll have gas central heating if you have a single boiler that heats up water, which then sends it around your home through heating pipes that connect to your hot taps and radiators.

Alternatively, electric heating consists of individual electric appliances in your home that run separately on the system, such as fan and storage heaters and oil filled radiators, that have their own timers and thermostats.

If you require assistance for your gas heating, contact Robert Heath at 03330 141000 or email

If you require assistance for your electrical heating system, contact Gilmartins at 01582 394 968.