Good Neighbourhood Toolkit

As part of our commitment to supporting residents to build good relationships with their neighbours to ensure a safe, welcoming neighbourhood for all, we’ve developed a Good Neighbourhood Toolkit.

This new toolkit provides advice on what you can do when a neighbour’s behaviour may cause upset and frustration. While this is not the same as a resident demonstrating antisocial behaviour (ASB) some of the issues covered in the toolkit may, depending on the situation, be escalated to ASB.

In addition to providing tips and recommendations on how to resolve an issue with a neighbour, this toolkit also sets out how Mount Green may be able to support you.


Resolving an issue

As part of our toolkit, we have provided a two-step approach to resolving an issue with a neighbour, which is summarised below.

We recommend actioning Step 1, as outlined below, ahead of seeking assistance from Mount Green (where appropriate) and actioning Step 2.

Nothing gets resolved without good communication and so a respectful discussion with your neighbour can go a long way.

Ahead of speaking to your neighbour, please refer to the relevant section in this toolkit to review the tips and guidance on reducing the impact of the issue on your household so you can discuss the options with them:

  • Cigarette and cooking smells
  • Pets
  • Parking disagreements
  • Loud music
  • General household or living noise
    • Household appliances
    • Garden noise
    • Entering and leaving your home
    • DIY
  • Shouting and arguing
  • Children playing
  • Minor personal conflict
  • Criminal incidents
    • Domestic abuse
    • Drug dealing or using

If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your neighbour, you can also complete and post our concern card.

Alternatively, if you or your household have any mental or physical health needs which are making it difficult to manage or resolve an issue, let us know as soon as possible by contacting your Neighbourhood Officer or our Customer Experience Team on or 01372 379555.

Similarly, if you are concerned about a neighbour’s wellbeing or approaching them to resolve an issue, please get in touch on the details above and we can advise next steps.

If you have had a conversation with your neighbour about the issue and how it is affecting you, but it is still not resolved, contact your Neighbourhood Officer or our Customer Service Team.

While most cases will not be dealt with under our ASB procedure, we can review the situation and advise on the most appropriate course of action available. This could include:

  • Arranging mediation (which we can facilitate if both households agree) with your neighbour and offer further advice
  • Us writing to your neighbour about your report (with your consent) with tips and further guidance
  • Providing you with a noise app that will enable you to record any noise or nuisance that is disturbing you, which can be used to escalate a report and investigate the issue. If you do not have an apple or android smartphone or device, we will discuss other ways to gather evidence.
  • Signpost or refer you to agencies who can support you and your household. These agencies may include Social Services, Mental Health Services and Support Coaching.

If you decline our recommendations to resolve the issue and we have not escalated the situation to ASB, there may be nothing further we can do.

For further advice, download out Good Neighbourhood Toolkit. If for any reason you are unable to access the toolkit or have any questions, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or our Customer Service Team on or 01372 379555