What We Do

We provide affordable, quality homes which are designed to meet the needs of our local communities. We want to help those who are looking for a new home to rent and those who are ready to take the first steps on the property ladder.

Mount Green is committed to developing new homes and helping people find a place they can be proud to call home.

We have homes across Surrey, West Sussex and Outer London and our Development Team is always on the look-out for opportunities to grow and expand, and to help us build or acquire more new homes. We aim to ensure that all our new homes: 

  • Are well designed and constructed to high standards
  • Are sustainable and energy efficient
  • Offer high levels of security and comfort
  • Contribute positively to the local neighbourhood
  • Reflect the expectations of our residents and future residents

Developing rural housing is also high on our agenda, for which we have a growing reputation.