Current Shared Owners

Current Shared Owners

If you own part of one of our shared ownership properties, you are a leaseholder. When you bought your home, you signed a lease which is a legal contract document. This contract explains your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder and the relationship between you and Mount Green, the freeholder of your home.

You have a dedicated Neighbourhood Officer who can answer any day-to-day queries relating to your lease or neighbourhood. You can find out more information about our Neighbourhood services and to who your Neighbourhood Officer is in our Neighbourhoods section.

Your Lease

Your lease contains legally-binding rights and responsibilities for you as a leaseholder and for us as a landlord. As each lease differs, you should always read your lease carefully. Your solicitor should have explained the lease before you bought your home but, if you have any questions, your solicitor or Mount Green will be able to help. For more information about your lease please take a look at our Shared Owners’ Handbook.

Rights & Responsibilities

As a leaseholder, you are responsible for:
  • Paying your rent and service charge, as set out in your lease
  • All repairs within your home and maintaining your home to a good standard
  • Not using your home for anything other than a private residence
  • Requesting permission from us if you wish to keep a pet
  • Purchasing your own home contents insurance
As the freeholder, Mount Green is responsible for:
  • Keeping your home insured (building insurance only)
  • Keeping the outside of the property in good repair (flats only)
  • Consulting you about repairs to any shared areas that will cost more than £250 for each home
  • Not unreasonably refusing you permission for improvements or alterations you want to make to your home
  • Replying to sales and staircasing enquiries from leaseholders and solicitors
  • Our responsibilities may vary according to the property, your lease, and if there is a management company who are responsible for some services.
For more information, please refer to your lease or contact us.


You may decide to move on from your shared ownership home, in this case you will need to sell your home, a process known as a re-sale. For more information about how to sell your home, please take a look at our Re-sales leaflet.


As a leaseholder of a shared ownership home, you can buy further shares in your home and this process is known as staircasing. You can gradually buy more shares until eventually you own 100% of your property and become a home owner (where your lease allows). For more information on buying extra shares in your home, please visit our Staircasing leaflet.