Frequently Asked Questions

New Homes

Contact our Development Team will be happy to discuss our new developments.

Mount Green work with all of the councils across Surrey and parts of Sussex.

Mount Green is developing new homes which are let at social rent and affordable rent levels and sold under shared ownership. We have also developed our first homes for sale on the open market.

YES! We are keen to grow and help more people find good quality, affordable homes. We are always happy to talk to land owners, builders and developers who have opportunities for us to provide more new homes. Please contact Angela or Abby on 01372 379 555.

We provide new homes in a number of different ways.

  • We work with developers and house builders by buying homes under s106 agreements – this is where planning law requires a % of homes on any new housing development to be for affordable housing.
  • We build new homes on our own land to make better use of the space. So, for example where we have garages which are no longer used and where there is need for more homes
  • We buy land or existing buildings, get planning permission and work with a builder to build new homes on the site or convert the building(s)

Shared Ownership

Where Mount Green is the freeholder, Mount Green is responsible for the buildings insurance policy. This is for all of our shared owners until 100% of shares are purchased. Where Mount Green is not the freeholder of the property, there is a management company which will be responsible for the building insurance.

Shared Owners must contact Mount Green’s insurance broker directly or the management company where there is one. A copy of Mount Green’s summary of cover with contact details is provided when you purchase the property.

Each shared owner should take out contents insurance for their own home. This is not covered by the building insurance.

To apply for a shared ownership property, you must first register on the Help to Buy website. All of our shared ownership priorities are listed and allocated through this website. You should also register with your local Authority to be considered for a shared ownership property.

Yes, you can sell the shares that you own and move onto another home. We ask that you tell Mount Green that you wish to move and we can instruct our valuers to work out what price your shares are worth and our sales agents who will help you find a buyer for your shares. Contact Mount Green customer services for more information.

Your lease will include details of buying more shares. This is called staircasing. In most cases, our shared owners can buy more shares. Please tell Mount Green if you would like to buy more shares and we can give you more information on how this works and the costs involved for valuation and legal fees.