Every neighbourhood is different – are you ready to represent yours?

Are you interested in volunteering as a Neighbourhood Rep but not sure about what’s involved?

We’ve been speaking to existing Neighbourhood Reps to learn more about their experience and find out what words of advice they’d give to other residents considering signing up. Last month we heard from Robert and this month, we contacted J.M.

Can you tell us a little about your housing journey?

I have always been greatly appreciative of my home and where I live. I have happily been a Mount Green resident for 22 years. It’s a small neighbourhood, with just eight other Mount Green households. But I believe it’s important to have pride in where you live by taking care of your home and also the surrounding area.

How long have you been a Neighbourhood Rep?

I’ve volunteered since 2019 when we were originally called ‘Estate Reps’. I’ve personally always contacted Mount Green directly whenever I needed to raise an issue, but I know not everyone feels as confident. And so, acting as a Neighbourhood Rep provides an important pathway for residents to have any concerns raised.

Do you feel like you’ve been able to make a difference as a Neighbourhood Rep?

Definitely. There were some young trees around the scheme where I live that had been neglected and died. But after raising the issue, we were able to get some more replanted, which are now thriving and really brighten up the surrounding areas.

However, even before I was a rep, I contacted Mount Green on behalf of some other residents to report concerns about service charges and a problem with a sewage tank, which had to be replaced.

What words of advice would you give to someone considering volunteering as a Neighbourhood Rep? 

I think that we are so fortunate to have access to social housing. Especially today, with the shortage of affordable housing. But I also think it’s our joint responsibility (residents and Mount Green) to look after our homes and the wider community. Sometimes, Mount Green can get things wrong and that’s why we must work closely together and keep communicating with one another to find solutions. Either directly or through Neighbourhood Reps.

Good communication is a key factor for this role. Each area, community and estate is different. Only the residents living on an estate really know what it is like to live there so keeping Mount Green updated and ensuring those experiences are represented is important.

If you’ve been inspired by J.M to put yourself forward as a Neighbourhood Rep, read through the recruitment pack to find out more about the role and how to apply.

You can also contact getinvolved@mountgreen.org.uk or speak to your Neighbourhood Officer about any questions you might have.