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The best way for residents to report a repair is to contact the relevant contractor directly. For any gas-related repairs including problems with heating or hot water contact Robert Heath on 03330 141000.

For any other repairs, including problems with electric heating, contact Gilmartins on calling 01582 394 968.

Find out more about emergency or out-of-hours repairs, here.

Our Customer Service Team are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm and can be contacted on or 01372 379555.

If you would prefer to come and talk to us in-person, it is possible to make a pre-arranged meeting with a member of the team. This can be in your home, at one of our estate hubs or at our head office in Leatherhead. You can do this by contacting us on the details above.

If you have a media enquiry, please contact See Media on 0121 827 6622 or e-mail

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