Black Lives Matter Statement

A statement from Mount Green Housing Association’s Chief Executive, Bill Flood:

“A month has elapsed since the brutal killing of George Floyd by the Police in the United States. We have since seen a world-wide condemnation of racial prejudice that exists in too many societies across the world, including in the UK. The Black Lives Matter movement forces us all to question whether we are doing enough to tackle racism and discrimination.

Mount Green will not be neutral in our reaction to George Floyd’s death. We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement and its aim to imagine and create a world free of racism and discrimination “where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.”

We voice our full support with the campaign and do not stand in silence. We will not tolerate racism within the workplace or within the communities where we own and manage homes. Our staff, residents and partners should not be exposed to racism while working for Mount Green or living in one of our homes and we will be robust in our response where this is noticed or reported to us.

This is a time for action. What is important to do next is to listen to our black and minority ethnic staff and residents. We need to learn and understand more and then act appropriately. We are dedicated to making change happen and this will start with a conversation with our staff and residents most affected by racism and discrimination.”