Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Mount Green is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion by promoting a culture that values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the workplace and/or across our resident community. In doing so, we promote equality through our actions that actively support inclusion.

An essential element to ensuring success around equality, diversity and inclusion is through our organisational purpose, one key mission statement and one key value, which drive what we do and how we do it.

Purpose: Creating the Foundations to Thrive

Mission Statement: Everyone Matters

Value: Fair

Our organisational equality, diversity and inclusion goals (2022-2025) are:

  1. Increase Board and organisational diversity
  2. Increase our understanding of how inclusion is experienced in the workplace and in our communities through effective engagement
  3. Build a comprehensive suite of learning and development opportunities around equality, diversity and inclusion
  4. Ensure all policies and procedures equip team members to integrate equality, diversity and inclusion into everything we do
  5. Embed equality, diversity and inclusion practices across the people journey at Mount Green, including tackling any identified direct or indirect discrimination around recruitment, pay, development opportunities and progression routes available
  6. Draw on internal and external networks and best practice to evolve our practices
  7. Increase organisational awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion work, its outcomes and its impact
  8. To evaluate our progress and set new goals

Board Diversity Statement

At Mount Green we are committed to having a Board that reflects the diversity of the communities we represent. It is vital that our Board and the strategic decisions we make first and foremost meet the needs of our residents. Diversity of thought is vital to ensuring the best decisions are made, and we value the different backgrounds our Board Members are made up from.

However, we always want to do more. As the terms of a number of existing Board Members draw to an end, we will spread the net widely to encourage applicants from all backgrounds and experiences to apply to become part of the Board. It is vital that those who sit on our Board and Committees have the requisite skills and knowledge to lead us through the current and future challenges facing our sector. We know however that people with empathy, enthusiasm and desire to do the right thing will be able to learn these skills or draw from their own extensive experiences to help navigate these challenges.

We are committed to ensuring our residents have a voice at Board and will continue to have Resident Board Members as part of our governance structure as well as further developing the forums our residents have to impact and influence the decision making and future planning.

As Chair, I will ensure that no Mount Green resident or team member needs to adapt who they are in order to be part of our organisation, and that the organisation will continue to flex around their needs and the needs of the wider communities we serve.

David Hunter, Board Chair