Our Mission and Purpose

We seek to live and model our values in our everyday with and for our residents. Together we are all Mount Green.

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Our Purpose

Creating the foundation to thrive

Our Mission

  • A place to call home within a safe, welcoming neighbourhood. We want to get it right every time for every resident. This starts with having a place residents can call home. A place to be proud of as residents walk up to their front door within a community that cares.
  • Listen and act. We will operate with and for our residents – that means we will listen to residents and act on what they are telling us, so they know they have been heard. When we cannot satisfy residents’ requests, we will make sure we explain clearly why not and what we will do instead.
  • To be there when needed. We will support residents who need that little bit more – beyond a place to call home. For all, we will go the extra mile to make a positive impact.
  • Everyone matters. All residents are equal – each person, each home, each neighbourhood. We want residents to have a sense of belonging within the community they live in, to recognise and celebrate the diversity and be inclusive of all. The care and attention we will bring to this extends equally to our staff and workplace.

Our Values


How we are performing as a landlord

At Mount Green, we are small enough to be able to know and understand our residents, their needs and life across the neighbourhoods and communities they live within.

We are also big enough to deliver what is needed to make a positive impact. That means our front-line staff right through to our chief executive work as one team with and for our residents – taking our services to residents. This will impact how we achieve our purpose and mission, by being truly accessible at all levels.

Annual Accounts 2022-2023
Annual 2022-23

Annual Review 2022/23

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Mount Green - corporate plan 2022-2025

Corporate Plan Final 2022 – 2025

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Corporate Plan Final Overview 2022 - 2025

Corporate Plan Final Overview 2022 – 2025

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