Your Neighbourhood Service

We have made some changes to our team with effect from January 2019. We are working hard to recruit our final permanent Neighbourhood Officer post, who will cover our Reigate area and we will inform Mount Green residents in this area as soon as this is done.

Your Neighbourhoods Team is here to work with you to support sustainable tenancies and communities. They will be visible and approachable in our neighbourhoods, taking pride in our estates and trying to make a difference every day. They will take responsibility for delivering the best possible service to you and your neighbours, placing our residents at the heart of everything we do in our neighbourhoods. 

What are their priorities?

  • Deliver a great neighbourhood service
  • Be positive and customer-focused
  • Tailor our services to local and individual needs
  • Encourage resident involvement in everything we do
  • Improve communication with residents
  • Continually raise our standards
  • Deliver a service we can be proud of.

What can I expect from my Neighbourhood Officer?

You can expect your Neighbourhood Officer to:

  • Be positive, enthusiastic and maintain a ‘can do’ attitude at all times
  • Strive to make a real difference to improve our estates and services
  • Listen to you and take a proactive approach to address any issues
  • Value you as an individual and responding to your needs in a positive way
  • Treat you with respect, patience, politeness and understanding
  • Make themselves known locally; being accessible and approachable
  • Respond personally to any request for help or advice
  • Take a proactive approach to issues including anti-social behaviour
  • Keep you informed about what is happening on an issue
  • Be honest about what Mount Green can and cannot do to help
  • Keep their promises and do what they say they will.

How can I contact my Neighbourhood Officer?

Below is an outline of who covers which area, though any member of the team should be able to help resolve any of your housing related queries, so don’t hesitate to get in touch via customer services on 01372 379555 or email

Neighbourhood Officer Patches

Your Neighbourhood Service

Neighbourhood Manager Patches