Our Sheltered Services

Our Sheltered Services Team

Our Sheltered Services Team is responsible for providing our sheltered services. Each Scheme Manager is responsible for delivering these services at one or two schemes and your Scheme Manager is your main point of contact regarding your scheme, tenancy and support.  

What is a Scheme Manager?

Your Scheme Manager is there to offer you as much help, advice and assistance as possible to allow you to live an independent life within your home and we hope it is comforting to know that there is someone to provide support if needed. Our Scheme Managers will take responsibility for delivering the best possible service to you and your scheme, placing our residents at the heart of everything we do. We expect our Scheme Managers to:

  • Be positive, enthusiastic and maintain a ‘can do’ attitude at all times
  • Listen to you and take a proactive approach to address any issues
  • Value you as an individual and responding to your needs in a positive way
  • Treat you with respect, patience, politeness and understanding
  • Take a proactive approach to issues including anti-social behaviour
  • Be honest about what Mount Green can and cannot do to help

What can I expect from my Scheme Manager?

You can expect your Scheme Manager to:

  • Act as your first point of contact for most issues
  • Respond to the telecare community alarm system
  • Carry out regular support plans to help identify areas that you need help and support in
  • Contact you regularly in line with your support plan
  • Help you get support from other organisations and agencies
  • Look after the general running of your scheme, including safety, security and reporting communal repairs
  • Keep you informed and keep Mount Green informed of your views
  • Carry out regular checks to your telecare community alarm system
  • Deal with any complaints you may have
  • Encourage social activities at your scheme
  • Respect your privacy, confidentiality and independence

What isn’t my Scheme Manager’s responsibility?

It is not the responsibility of your Scheme Manager to:

  • Carry out any nursing or personal care services
  • Do your personal shopping or cleaning
  • Provide any transportation
  • Collect your pension or handle your personal money
  • Collect your prescription for you
  • Administer medications
  • Help you make or witness your will
  • Give contractors access to your property

Sheltered Services Team

Our Sheltered Services

Sheltered Services Team